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Addigy is our go-to Apple Device Management platform, which features include device deployment, security, IT organisation and Apple community expertise.


Addigy combines Apple Device Management and End User Productivity into one secure IT platform. Offering a range of SaaS
Solutions, can enjoy features including device deployment, security, IT organisation and Apple community expertise.
Adaptive to your workplace, Addigy tailors its robust features to be flexible with your needs.


Automated Device Enrollment

Privacy and Security

Ongoing Remote Support

Smarter Device Management

Addigy’s software allows your company to easily configure your network in just a few clicks and control all devices with a simple view.

Key Benefits of Addigy

More Effective Enrollment
Support Your End Users 

With a comprehensive device management system that combines mobile device management, device enrollment and deployment.

With automated enrollment, easy device management and security across your network of devices, end users can bring their own devices to the workplace.

Ongoing Support

Addigy offers free support and training so your business can remain efficient and secure.

Why Work With Counterpoint for Addigy


As a trusted Addigy vendor, we offer a spectrum of services, allowing your business to choose between the standalone software or comprehensive expertise-driven packages.

With years of experience behind us, our proficiency in harnessing this top-tier Apple management platform ensures that your organisation receives the utmost value and support out of your Addigy Licences.  

Apple Device Experts


With over 30 years experience as an Apple solutions providers, we specialise in planning, implementing and supporting solutions for businesses and schools. Working with Counterpoint your team can benefit from not only the best addigy managemnet, but also a range of management, helpdesk, security and consultancy support.  

Addigy Training


We offer full user training to ensure your team is getting the most out of your Addigy software and maximising its success. Our training empowers your team with the knowledge and skills they need to optimise their Apple devices

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