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Positioned at the heart of the county, we proudly serve as the go-to IT company for Sussex-based businesses.

IT Support Sussex
Sussex IT Experts
Unlock Your Technology's Potential with Our Expertise

Our skilled team of technicians and consultants, based in Sussex, are committed to staying at the forefront of technology. This dedication ensures that you always receive high-quality support tailored specifically to your needs. 

Sussex IT Support and Managed Services

Free your business from the constraints of inconsistent and sluggish IT systems with our fully managed support plans. Establish us as your trusted IT partner, and we take care of all aspects of your IT, including first-class support and robust security measures.

But we don't stop there. Our objective extends beyond alleviating IT headaches; we strive to transform your IT into a valuable asset that propels your growth. Through audits and strategic planning, we ensure that your IT infrastructure operates at its full potential.

Sussex IT Services

Delivering a Full Spectrum of IT Services

Helpdesk Support

We offer top-quality, remote support, fast response times, and optional on-site assistance.


Cloud Management

Whichever cloud platforms your business uses, our team can manage and optimise your cloud environment.


We provide advanced and up-to-date security to safeguard your business's data and reputation.


Our training optimises your team's productivity and enhances their vigilance against cyber threats.

IT Consultancy

Our consultants provide detailed strategic reviews, providing advice on optimising your IT infrastructure.


Our comprehensive network support enhances your connectivity with WiFi, Broadband, and VOIP Services.

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IT Support for the Creatives

IT Support for Mac businesses

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