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Providing leading outsourced IT Support and Services for businesses throughout London. 

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Fast and Reliable

Your IT infrastructure is integral to your business operations, directly impacting productivity and success. Our proactive approach ensures that your technology consistently meets your team's requirements, supporting business continuity. In the event that an issue arises, our helpdesk is dedicated to swiftly getting you back up and running.

Fit for purpose

Having the right technology in place for the specific needs of your business makes a huge impact. Whether it's optimising data storage, setting up robust wifi networks, or selecting the right hardware, we collaborate with you to create a tailored technology environment that fits your business goals and budget constraints.

Keeping you Secure

The risks of data loss, cyber-attacks, and missed opportunities due to lacking cyber certifications are outcomes your business can't afford. That's why we prioritise safeguarding against cyber threats and acquiring necessary certifications to ensure comprehensive cybersecurity measures are in place. 

Key Sectors we Support


At Counterpoint, we pride ourselves on being the IT solution provider of choice for a host of creative businesses. We’re well-versed in the challenges creative businesses face and have spent years building solid relationships with companies in this sector. Whether you’re a publishing house or a marketing agency, we can equip you with the tools to take your business to the next level.


Additionally, we have a team of Mac specialists, so if you are a fully or predominantly Mac-based business in any sector, we can provide tailored support and solutions for your needs.

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IT Support for the Creatives

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IT Support for Mac businesses

IT Support Services London

Comprehensive Business IT Support 


Entrusting your entire IT infrastructure to us means having the reliability of an in-house IT team without the overhead. Our comprehensive support services provide access to a team of experts who proactively manage all your technology needs. From a responsive helpdesk to robust cyber security measures, regular backups, and IT consultancy services, every aspect is meticulously covered. Additionally, our IT consultants offer expert strategic advice to ensure your technology aligns with your business goals.


Co-Managed IT Support 

Our co-managed IT support services in London offer a collaborative approach to IT management, augmenting your in-house team with our expertise and resources. Whether you need assistance with day-to-day operations or strategic planning, we work seamlessly alongside your staff to optimise IT performance. With flexible service levels, we support your team to achieve more while ensuring business continuity and security across your IT environment.


Project Work 

Embark on IT projects with confidence with our specialised project work services in London. Whether it's deploying new infrastructure, migrating to the cloud, or implementing cutting-edge technologies, our experienced team handles every aspect of the project lifecycle. From initial planning and design to execution and ongoing support, we ensure smooth project delivery within budget and timelines.

Our Leading London
IT Services 

Partnering with us for your IT needs gains you access to a comprehensive range of services. From protection to productivity, our toolkit and specialist expertise have you covered. Discover our key services below.

Helpdesk Support

Access expert remote support with rapid response times, plus optional on-site assistance when needed, ensuring your issues are resolved efficiently.

Cloud Services

Enhance your cloud operations with expert management, ensuring reliable performance, cost-effective solutions, and seamless scalability tailored to your unique business requirements.

IT Strategy

Receive expert advice on optimising and ensuring compliance of your IT infrastructure through our consultancy services and detailed strategic reviews.

Vendor Management

Leverage our extensive partnerships to streamline vendor management. We can assist in hardware and license procurement, along with crafting solution specifications.

Cyber Security 

We deliver advanced and up-to-date cyber security measures to protect your business's data and reputation, ensuring comprehensive defence against potential threats.


Our infrastructure services offer extensive support for network and network services, including WiFi, broadband, and VOIP, ensuring continuous connectivity.

Counterpoint's impressive Mac and Google knowledge has undoubtedly enhanced our productivity and technology utilisation"

The Behavioural Architects

Client Testimonials

It is clear Counterpoint has a vast amount of experience and as a result, I always feel like they are on my side, which has provided peace of mind.”

Roundwood Park

Counterpoint offer a fantastic service and are highly recommended"

Sportif International

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a microsoft certified partner?

Yes, we are official Microsoft partners, as well as Google Workspace, Adobe and Addigy to name a few.

What services do you offer

We offer a wide range of services to suit your needs, from IT consultancy services to help with cyber security, cloud management, business continuity, and much more.

Can we visit your London office if we have a problem?

Absolutely, you are welcome to visit our London office whenever needed. With the majority of our clients based in London, we are well-equipped to provide in-person assistance.

Is an IT support contract with Counterpoint flexible?

Although we do have set plans that we have found work best for most businesses, our plans can be flexible to work around any unique requirements that your business may have.

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