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Counterpoint isn’t just another IT support provider. As your Apple technology success partner, we are passionate about streamlining your organisation’s technology, maximising productivity and driving business growth through the power of your IT.

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Our Priorities

We prioritise the effectiveness of our client’s specific business needs. From a suite of 50 Macs in a School's IT department, to a brand marketing agency using a combination of PCs and Macs, we design our services and solutions to meet the priorities and needs of our clients. We seek to ensure our support exceeds your expectations.

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Our Qualifications

As the UK’s leading Apple Mac IT support solutions provider, we are proud members of the Apple Consultants Network. Our team of expert IT support technicians and consultants have a vast portfolio of qualifications from some of the most elite technology solutions in the world. We have a policy of continual professional development for our team to ensure they remain up-to-date with all the latest technologies and certifications.

We are also official partners with Microsoft, Google Workspace, Adobe and Addigy to name a few.

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