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Mac Support For Business

Ensuring your creative teams have access to the latest software and hardware is a constant challenge for any IT manager or business owner. It’s vital that your designers, artists and developers all have reliable access to industry-standard software for their Macs and iOS systems. We remove the barriers to them achieving their full potential, while making your team happier and more productive.

Achieving maximum uptime, keeping all data secure and backed up, as well as staying abreast of the latest security trends and updates can take its toll on any managers’ schedule. With Apple and Mac devices increasingly popular, it’s vital these are kept online and are compatible with internal and external networks as your organisation demands change.

When your team can’t access shared networks, they can’t do their jobs properly and performance takes a huge hit. Especially with the shift towards remote working, robust remote infrastructure is more important than ever, with less control over devices people use.

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We Make Mac Technology Deliver for the Creatives in Your Organisation

Your creative teams should be able to focus on what they do best: Creating.

Counterpoint are able to make your technologies work the way you need them to - empowering your creative team rather than blocking them with technical frustrations.

We ensure your Mac, Windows and mobile technologies play nicely together, delivering seamless access to files and services across all of your organisations devices.

Whether you’re in a small business, a charity or require enterprise support, you cannot afford to lose time and productivity because your technology is holding you back.

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Our Core Services include:

  • Managed IT Support and InfrastructureManaged IT Support and Infrastructure
  • Managed SecurityManaged Security
  • Managed Connectivity Mac and WindowsManaged Connectivity Mac and Windows
  • Regular BackUpsRegular BackUps
  • Dedicated Mac expertsDedicated Mac experts
  • Enterprise level securityEnterprise level security
  • Variety of support packagesVariety of support packages
  • Serviced Hardware and Software supportServiced Hardware and Software support
  • Remote IT SupportRemote IT Support
  • Security & GDPR complianceSecurity & GDPR compliance
  • Cyber SecurityCyber Security

Small Business Mac Support

With more and more employees working from home, supporting remote hardware setups is a constant struggle for any small business.

Our small business it services keeps your business running smoothly no matter where your team is in the world. With superb customer service, our managed it support services keep your small business secure, agile and running with the latest technology.

We ensure your data is handled securely in accordance with GDPR standards, with regular audits, device monitoring and backups keeping all of your data safe.

Most importantly, we are here to ensure business continuity with fast response times, giving you peace of mind over your Apple Macs, allowing you to get on with running the business.

Our friendly team is on hand to answer any problems you or your team run into, either as a monthly retainer or on an ad-hoc Pay As You Go basis.

Apple Workforce Support - Workforce at Home

With more of your team working remotely on a range of devices from the latest Macs to aging PCs, a harmonious technical situation can be difficult to achieve.

Our UK based technical team are more than used to this situation and are experts in creating robust networks that are cross-compatible between devices. We are able to deploy security updates remotely, manage standardised software (Office 365, Photoshop, InDesign, etc) and ensure that your workforce remains productive and connected at all times.

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Corporate Mac Services

Keeping an enterprise organisation running smoothly is a mighty challenge for any IT manager. Thankfully, Counterpoint are here to help!

We connect in with your existing IT support team to deploy updates, support technically and keep all of your staff’s Mac or Windows devices up to date, regularly backed up and securely connected to your internal server infrastructure.

We deliver seamless access to all IT services and files, across all devices to ensure you never lose time getting things to work. Counterpoint are here to make your creative software work the way you need it to, rather than working around it.

Our enterprise IT support packages can be customised to your needs and budget. We can handle both hardware and software or provide focused support on certain software packages to keep creative teams happy.

- Apple Device Consultancy

- Specialist Apple Support

- Scalable support

- Scalable hardware and software support

- Secure

- Remote Mac support no matter where your teams are

- Regular backups

- Cross device compatibility and collaboration

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Charity Mac Support

While running a charity it’s vital to ensure the security of your team while demonstrating to stakeholders that your budget is efficiently being utilised.

Ineffective Macs can hamper efficiency and lead to frustrations and confusion between teams, leading to lost revenues and poor performance.

Our Mac support for charities ensures cost-effective collaboration between teams and operational continuity for non-profit organisations. We work with a wide range of organisations such as schools and businesses, and are able to deploy this knowledge to your Charity to produce a tailored service package based on your needs.

All of our data handling is GDPR compliant and secure, with regular backups of your data. We can offer ongoing support, fixed monthly or annual packages so that you can effectively manage budgets while not compromising on the quality of IT Infrastructure.

Partnership Managed Service For Macs

Partnership Managed Service For Macs

Our most advanced offering, the PMS For Macs provides you with cost-effective support for your Mac technology for an agreed, fixed annual cost. This allows you to relax safe in the knowledge that we’re working closely with your internal teams to ensure fast resolution times and complete service.

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Remote Mac Support

Our Remote Mac Support Services are designed to provide you with access to a skilled Mac technical team who are experienced in supporting business environments.

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Remote Mac Support

Pay as You Go

Require extra flexibility? Our Pay as You Go Mac support provides you with skilled technicians on-demand, allowing you to scale up support when capacity is needed, or when specialist knowledge is required to crack that niggling problem.

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