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Audio Network Solutions For Education

We design education audio networking solutions that allow music and media faculties to monitor and record high-quality audio throughout their departments and beyond.

The audio network has changed the way we teach. We can very quickly listen to all of the pupils, identify who needs assistance, and work with them one-to-one.


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We piece together the puzzle of cables and technology.  Allowing sound to travel around the classroom to exactly where you need it.

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You control which student station to listen to, where in the department (or institution) to record from and to which areas you wish the sound to travel to.

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Our digital audio technologies allow ultra high quality, multi channel audio to be moved anywhere in your building with no practical delays.

Computer Audio Networks


Our audio networks are ideal for Music and Media IT Suites. These high quality, low latency audio solutions allow teachers to listen and talk to students without impacting the audio performance of the applications they are using.

Computer Audio Networks
Classroom Keyboard Labs

Classroom Keyboard Labs


Our keyboard labs allow teachers to monitor and record student instruments. Pupils can also be allowed to perform to the class without moving any cables. Teacher headphone sockets are provided at student stations.

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How Else Can We Support Your School?


We offer a range of futher solutions designed specifically for the education sector. 

Mac support

We work alongside internal IT teams to provide specialist management solutions and support services for school's Apple Mac devices.

Ipad Management

We provide unparalleled expertise and tailored solutions to streamline the management of iPads in your school.

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We specialise in creating tailored recording studios for education, enabling you to foster a creative environment where students can thrive.  

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