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Recording Studios For Education

Our mission is to create inspiring spaces that unleash students' creativity. We understand that every school has unique requirements regarding music technology and recording studio design. That's why we've provided schools with tailored solutions for over 30 years.

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Our team designs high-quality, intuitive, fixed and mobile studios tailored to your school's needs, enabling comfortable and efficient work for both students and teachers.


We provide professional installation for all our studios. Our technical experts handle everything from installing the equipment and cabling to acoustically treating the room to ensure optimal sound quality.


Our training helps schools get the most out of their investment by teaching staff how to use the equipment and software, providing effective workflows for teaching music technology to students.

Delivering Creative Studios for Schools

Reddam House's Studio

We had the privilege of collaborating with Reddam House to create an exceptional recording studio, offering our expertise in design, installation, and training. Find out the profound impact it has had on both teachers and students alike.