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Unleash Your Potential with Expert IT Support Services

Our team of certified consultants and technicians are dedicated to maximising your organisation's technological potential. We offer an extensive array of support services and solutions tailored to enhance the performance of your IT.

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Why Choose Counterpoint?

At Counterpoint, we’re all about making technology work for you. Whether you need us to work alongside your existing support teams or operate as a fully managed external arm of your organisation, our friendly experts will ensure your IT enables you to work more effectively. So why not get in touch? We promise an expert, jargon-free service that always puts your needs first.

IT Consultancy

Are you looking to drive business growth? Whether you want to build on your business’s IT infrastructure, or need advice on how to exploit your current technology to improve productivity, our expert IT consultants work with you step-by-step to propel your business forward through the power of your technology.

We deliver for the creatives


Counterpoint specialises in delivering IT solutions to the creative industries. Whether you’re a marketing agency, design studio or publishing house, our creative experts can help you harness your technology to drive collaboration and maximise productivity and innovation. We understand the challenges creative businesses face and are committed to equipping you with the tools that support your work whilst ensuring your data is kept secure.

Client Success Story


Our mission to allow our clients the freedom to do what they do best with their technology empowering them through the process. Watch how we achieved this with The Henley College.