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Henley College's Story - Creative Departments Mac Solution

The Henley College Case Study
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The College

The Henley College is situated in Oxfordshire, England. With an impressive array of course offerings, including over 60 A Level subjects and prestigious vocational diplomas, it has earned a reputation for excellence in education. Its inclusive environment is celebrated, and the College prides itself in providing a welcoming and well equipped space for students to thrive.

"Counterpoint has a fantastic solution and a fantastic service. They deal with any issues that we have."

IT Manager, Henley College

The Challenge

Henley College approached us seeking expert consultancy to address the technological needs of their creative departments. The College recognised the importance of aligning its technology with the standards prevalent in the creative sector and sought our guidance to create a strategic plan for its media, art and music departments.
The college initially used PCs, but they had a vision of offering students valuable hands-on experience with industry-standard hardware and software to prepare them for future careers. In order to do this, they were considering the move to Macs in the creative departments. Stability and consistency of the technology were also paramount, ensuring that each day in the classroom, the technology aided students learning. 

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The Solution

Our solution started with moving the creative departments over to Macs, providing the ideal hardware option to enable the industry-standard teaching and learning Henley desired. We were then able to advise and deliver the best software for the College to be using across these departments and work with their IT Team to integrate the solution with the Colleges wider network services.

To maintain the quality of the solution we provide Henley with ongoing support and management for their creative technologies. This ensures the consistent and dependable performance of the technology, and in the event of any issues, they can rely on a dedicated team of specialists who will promptly address and resolve their problems.

“Counterpoint were fantastic with sorting out new software and giving advice and guidance on how that would work with the Macs.”

Photography Teacher, Henley College

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