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Tips and Rules for using iPads in the Classroom

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Using iPads in the Classroom

The use of iPad technology provides some fantastic benefits to those in the Classroom - for both teachers and students alike. Using iPads in education is an exciting trend which we’re keen to see more schools explore. From encouraging collaboration and conversation between students to faster marking and reduced teacher admin, they benefit everyone.

In recent years the technology available to support and enable effective teaching and learning has become well established. Known as “Mobile Device Management” (MDM) software, it facilitates added control and management for teachers, students and parents.

Whether in a primary school or secondary school iPads enrich all learning environments. In this article, we explore some top tips we have for making the most out of iPads in the classroom.

Benefits of Using an iPad

Are iPads good for teachers?

Absolutely. Tablets help engage students, enhance learning and let teachers deliver a more unique experience to each student.

Some benefits include:

  • Share content at once without the need for printing, letting you get on with the teaching faster

  • Group file sharing - Sharing files between students all at once is quick and direct with a digital iPad set up. Students can collaborate, access resources and create content with each other

  • Faster Marking

  • Full control over apps - Distraction is a concern for any teaching environment, but with the iPad, you can block certain applications to keep everyone on track

  • Track Progress - Easily monitor what your students are doing and track their progress in tasks. Send messages to inactive students.

  • Classroom Management - Quickly regain control of students attention by locking all devices, displaying messages, restricting websites and much more. Distractions can be shut down or screens locked to regain control of the room quickly.

Are iPads good for students?

There are a range of benefits that iPads present to students engagement and eLearning when properly implemented.

iPad for students

  • Easy to use - Most students are able to pick up and use an iPad with ease The novelty of an iPad improves participation and can be used to encourage content creation. Making notes on documents, organising work and controlling their pace of task completion is often seen by teachers too. Teachers are also able to give feedback far more quickly and easily track student progress.

  • Assist with learning for literacy and numeracy. In 2017, a Belfast study demonstrated that iPads were effectively used to improve communication, literacy and mathematical skills. With up to 650 students involved in the study, it was observed that sharing iPads improved communication and collaboration skills. Boys also became more interested in learning when producing written work on the iPad.

  • Builds multiple skills - iPads help build computer literacy. Interacting with the iPad teaches typing, navigation, puzzle and game problem solving and flexibility in lesson delivery for different learning types. Students can create content, work together and use a variety of iPad apps to support other classroom activities.

  • Personalised Learning - Through the use of MDMs, students can be assigned tasks and progress tracked individually in a way that traditional teaching simply cannot deliver. Being able to see where all students are in an activity empowers teachers to support and adapt to the students’ pace.

Tips For Classroom Usage

While iPads are a fantastic tool, like any tool they need to be used carefully and appropriately. Software systems are available that give you a wide range of control over both hardware and iPad apps.

Our favourite is ESP MDM. This mobile device management system has been designed with schools in mind. ESP lets you embrace eLearning for the benefit of students, teachers and parents alike.

  1. Restrict App Usage - Using software different applications and devices can be restricted during class. Naturally, this helps focus students and assists you in keeping control of the class, but also puts parents’ mind at ease when discussing screen time in and out of the classroom.

  2. Personalise Activities - Many apps and MDM systems allow customisation of assignments to each individual. Teachers and parents can track progress and collaborate in real time.

  3. Encourage BYOD - In a perfect world, budgets would be supplied for every student to have a school-supplied device. Thankfully software can support “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies and safely enable a level of control for in-school usage. For families able to provide devices, it increases classroom usage and moves towards the “One Student, One Device” goal.

  4. Manage Devices - Grouping iPads by subject such as Music or by classroom lets you easily manage and update the content delivered to each device and group. IT staff can tailor the experience of each student group accordingly.

  5. Share with Parents - MDMs also have a parent-focused section which allows student progress to be shared in real-time with parents at home.

The use of iPads in Education environments improves the experience for teachers and students alike. They enable more tailored learning both inside and outside of the classroom, reducing admin and create a more engaging learning experience.

Other Applications For iPads at School and at Home

  1. Improve your teaching Swivl is a system that lets you record you teaching automatically, tracking you throughout your presentation. You are then able to view, share and collaborate with these recordings for peer review or coaching. A fantastic solution for demonstrating your teaching skills to SLT and improving your teaching.

  2. Adaptive Learning - Texthelp Tools are a superb suite of simple to use apps which adapts to each students learning style, boosting confidence and comprehension. From Google Chrome add-ons to native iOS apps, their suite of tools helps annotate, dictate, create maths equations and more to adapt to each student.

Here at Counterpoint, we’re strong believers in using technology to enable and empower student learning. If you would like assistance getting your classroom digitally enabled, please get in touch with us or call us on 01903 538844.

Keen to Learn More?

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