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Technology equipment for the classroom

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Are you looking to introduce technology equipment in your classroom for the first time?

Or perhaps you want to expand your existing educational technology equipment?

What’s available is improving and broadening all the time, so there’s plenty you may not be aware of. Here are a few examples that your classroom could benefit from.

Desktop and Laptop Computers

Desktop computers have been used in classrooms longer than any other technology equipment and it’s understandable why. They give access to a whole host of applications, from simple word processing and spreadsheets to interactive learning programs, graphic design, and music recording software. Desktops are ideal for kitting out a technology suite where everyone in a class needs access to their own computer. And the size of the computers means you don’t have to worry about students walking off with them

If space and/or portability is an issue, laptops are a great alternative that can run all the same applications as desktops. They take up much less desk space and can be easily moved between classrooms when needed. They do pose a potential security risk, however, and you need to have systems in place to ensure they are always charged. Laptop charging trolleys and cabinets solve both of these problems and will help you keep your fleet organized.

iPads and Tablets

If you’re not using resource-intensive graphic design or music-making software then iPads may be the perfect choice for your classroom. Very little desk space is needed for these handheld devices and they still provide a variety of educational applications that enhance the learning experience. Similar to laptops, some schools are concerned about security, but tablet storage and charging units provide the perfect solution. Mobile device management software is also available to help you configure and keep track of all these devices.


Sometimes, you may want students to concentrate exclusively on their own computers whilst working. This could be during a music class, or if they are using interactive education applications that include an audio element. There are a variety of headphones available for this purpose with options to fit every budget and required features.

Music Recording Equipment and Software

If your school has a music studio, the latest recording equipment and software are essential to give your students the best experience. Just imagine how much more creative they can be if instead of just instruments, they have access to a complete recording studio with modern equipment and music software.

Whatever You Need

Whatever technology equipment you need for your classroom, Counterpoint can provide it. Check out our store to see our entire range of hardware and software.

We can also help you with both setting up and supporting your equipment. Our consultants have decades of experience in providing classroom technology equipment so you can trust us to keep yours safe, secure, and reliable.

We understand that budgets are tight for many schools. That’s why we offer discounts on bulk purchases of many items, such as iPads. We can also offer you advice on grants and funding that may be available to you

Whatever education technology equipment you need, get in touch today and we’ll find the right solution for you.


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