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Mac Leasing For Schools

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Mac Leasing For Schools

Whether you’re running a business or a school, iMacs and Macbooks are great tools for maximising productivity and efficiency.

However, quality computers like these come at a premium.

That’s why Counterpoint has partnered with finance companies to offer iMac leasing and Macbook leasing options that make this technology affordable for all.

There are several key benefits to leasing over alternative purchasing arrangements:

Save capital - Rather than pay the full cost of the equipment upfront, you can lease computers at affordable rates that spread the cost over many months or years.

Instant access - Don’t wait for funds to be raised or authorised. Get your new equipment right now.

Get the right equipment - No need to make compromises to fit within your CAPEX budget. Monthly payments allow you to afford the best computers that will offer the most benefit.

Beat inflation and price-rises - Waiting for full funds to be available risks prices going up before you can make your purchase. With leasing, you lock in today’s prices for the duration of the contract so you get the best deal and can accurately forecast future budgets. Find out how leasing technology is helping schools to beat inflation.

Stay up to date - Don’t worry about the cost of replacing equipment in the future and what to do with your old computers. Leasing contracts regularly provide new technology to protect you from obsolescence.

Flexible contracts - Expecting to grow or expand soon? No problem, new items can be added to your leasing plan at any time and delivered immediately.

More than just computers - It’s not only iMacs and Macbooks that you can lease. All your IT equipment can be added to your leasing contract, including networking, printers, iPads and other peripherals. You can even add furniture too if you’re kitting out a completely new suite!

Mac Leasing for Schools

Counterpoint partners with Funding 4 Education to offer the best leasing deals for schools. Funding 4 Education has vast experience in helping schools of all shapes and sizes get the technology equipment they need when they need it, and at an affordable price. Currently trusted by over 3,500 schools, they work exclusively in the education sector allowing them to deliver the most flexible leasing programs so that schools can deliver the ultimate learning experience. We also offer dedicated iPad leasing for bulk purchases too.

Why Lease with Counterpoint?

By choosing to lease with Counterpoint, you get the best of both worlds: financial expertise from our partners and technology expertise from us.

Whether you’re interested in Mac leasing for business or Mac leasing for schools, get in touch today and our consultants will assess your requirements and make the ideal recommendations for you. We’ll then connect you with the relevant partner who will design a payment plan that suits you.

Once the contract is signed, we’ll deliver and install your equipment, train your staff, and ensure you’re set up to get the maximum benefits from day one. We’ll also provide ongoing Apple Mac IT support to give you peace of mind that your computers will always run smoothly.


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