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How to Wire 4 Pole Speakon Plugs

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Connection 4-pole Speakon plugs

Our Guide to Wiring 4 Pole Speakon Plugs

Once you know how, it’s incredibly easy to wire up a Speakon plug. This step by step guide will help you learn how to wire up your 4 pole Speakon plug safely and easily!

Unscrew the barrel from the connector by turning it anti-clockwise. Separate the cable clamp and insert from the housing.

Strip back approx. 20mm of the outside insulation sleeve from the cable to expose the two inner wires. Depending on the cable to be used, decide which is to be positive and negative; convention would be the black wire being the negative (-) and the red wire being the positive (+).

Strip back 5mm of insulation from the inner wires to expose the bare copper wire (twist and tin, if possible).

Slide the bushing onto the wire with the threaded side facing the bare wire-ends; insert the cable clamp onto the wire with the rounded end facing the interior of the bushing.

Slide the positive wire into the terminal marked +1 and slide the negative wire into the terminal marked -1. Tighten securely with an Alan key or screwdriver (depending on your plug supplier).

Slide the terminal block into the outer sleeve, checking the aligning grooves as you go. Slide in the cable clamp and push on the outer barrel. Tighten up the mating threads; ensure you do not over-tighten the barrel as this may cause damage.


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