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About Counterpoint

Our talented team deliver reliable and robust creative technology solutions.

We have a problem solving spirit, backed up by more than 30 years experience delivering the best, creative solutions on time and on budget.

Our Team

Established in 1989.

We've been delivering Creative Technology Solutions for over 30 years.

When we set out in 1989, the Internet was only a small twinkle in Tim Berners Lee’s eye. While many of us were writing with pen and paper, Counterpoint was delivering music technology into schools, helping budding musicians reach their potential.

A lot of our early work involved setting up professional recording environments and supplying instruments into education. Since then, we have been helping schools and businesses to manage and maintain their creative technology for photographers, designers, musicians and media producers.

As technology has evolved, so have we. We identified early on that to be a musician or a producer you needed to work with industry-grade equipment. So we became Apple Mac experts too. Our extensive knowledge led to the creation of our very own solution: EnhancedAD, allowing Apple Mac computers to play nicely with Windows networks.

Fully understanding the needs and requirements of different organisations has been the guiding light of our continued success. We’re proud to say we deliver robust and reliable IT Solutions which allow creativity to flow and work to happen.

Through it all, we've been able to hold onto what we loved about music technology back in 1989. We’re delighted to have supported Grammy Award-winning students through the creative departments we work with (and some familiar faces from Voice-UK and the X-Factor too!).

While we focused on music in schools in the early days, our in-depth understanding of how creative technology works means we now get to work with organisations of all shapes and sizes from small schools, through larger colleges and universities to SMEs and local and national charities.

That brings us to today. We're building a portfolio of customers and friends including national brands, local schools and community outreach programmes. We approach all our work with the same enthusiasm, enabling everyone to reach their full potential.

What's next? We want to continue to build our network and make an impact for schools and businesses throughout the UK. We're looking forward to helping you make creativity happen.

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Want to find out more?

If you are interested in any of our services, such as Apple device management, or would like to chat about your current infrastructure set up, we would love to hear from you.