Making Macs Work in a Windows World.

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Making Macs work robustly in a Windows AD networked environment is a real challenge, but we make it work for your environment. We streamline the use of Macs in a Windows world so that you and your team can focus on what’s important for your organisation.

Macs working with Windows

With the growing adoption of MacOS and iOS devices as part of the IT portfolio of many businesses and educational organisations, IT teams are faced with the challenge of securely and reliably integrating these with their existing IT services.

Our solutions support a wide variety of network environments and are designed to streamline management, improve performance and integration, and simplify workflows for Mac users on the network.

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AD Integrations

Our Mac / Windows solutions allow your machines to be securely integrated with your existing Windows network. Logging in with Windows credentials your users will have reliable authenticated access to your network services including file, print and internet access.

Many of our clients also use our EnhancedAD software to improve the performance and scope of AD integration, removing many of the frustrations whilst keeping their users fully mobile.

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Keeping your IT services simple and streamlined is an important catalyst for keeping staff morale high and driving up performance.

Allowing secure remote access to your network services from your Mac and iOS devices can be one such enhancement, providing your users with a consistent experience and workflow even when they are away from the office.

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