Mac Solutions for creatives

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Macs have always been the preferred choice for the Creatives. We provide tailored support for your natural workflows and keep important work files safe.

Recording Studios

We design and install tailored recording studios solutions for schools and colleges, commercial enterprises and youth or community facilities.

With over 30 years of professional audio industry experience, our consultants will bring their expertise to bear on your project large or small.

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Audio Networks

Counterpoint is the UK’s leading supplier of audio networking technologies to schools and colleges. These are used in music and media departments for keyboard labs and specialist computer facilities.

These cutting-edge solutions provide high quality, zero latency, bi-directional audio, that allow teachers to communicate, monitor progress and assess students work more effectively.

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Music MX PC Solutions

Professional PC Music applications like Cubase and Sibelius are not designed to run on education networks.

Our specialist MusicMX solutions break through this barrier ensuring that all students and staff experience the same consistent, reliable, latency-free operation day in day out.

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