Backup security and GDPR.

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Keeping Your Data Secure.

In an online world, security and data management have become ever-growing challenges for those responsible for their organisations IT policy and planning.

Macs have often been left out in the cold when it comes to management and security. We can help you implement the right policies and solutions (so that your Macs are secure and your data safe.) (so your users can safely focus on the work that needs doing.)

Questions you might have

  • Are our files secure when users are working away?
  • Do we have adequate backups and are they running successfully each day?
  • Are our devices running secure operating systems?
  • How are we ensuring our GDPR policies remain enforced?
  • Are the VPN tools we use secure?

Device security

We keep your Macs secure and users productive by ensuring appropriate policies are kept in place.

Data Security

We ensure your data is held securely and backed up regularly using cost-effective local and offsite solutions.

GDPR Compliance

We work with you to ensure that your devices are compliant with your GDPR policies now and on into the future.


Counterpoint’s Apple network configuration is the first I’ve encountered which I would describe as being fit-for-purpose within a School.

– Thomas Phillips, IT Services Manager –

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Device Security

Focus on what you do best
We help keep your devices secure by working with you to apply security policies appropriate to the needs and requirements of your organisation.

Security can be monitored and enforced even when devices are ‘on the road’ so your devices remain protected and compliant.

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Data Security

Creative tools for creative people.

Your Business Data and user’s work files are the lifeblood of your organisation. Having a robust and well-planned disaster recovery solution in place is be crucial to ensuring continuity of service for your users and customers.

Where are your Mac users saving their data? How reliably is this being backed up?

We can help ensure that your Mac users’ data is secure.

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Washwood Heath Academy

Counterpoint have provided excellent, extensive technical support. I’m now a customer for life.
Assistant Headteacher, Harpinder Singh

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