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Acoustic Starter Kit 3
Acoustic Starter Kit 3
Acoustic Starter Kit 3

Acoustic Starter Kit 3

  • SKU: W-REB654M
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Acoustic Starter Kit 3, Acoustic Treatment Package

  • Contains 48 x 2" Tegular Acoustic Tiles, 4 x 3ft Original Bass Traps and 2 x 500ml Specially Formulated Contact Adhesive
  • The tiles are 50mm (2in) thick and are plain faced with tapered edges which offers a good surface area while still maintaining good even thickness which means there is more foam per tile compared to profiled tiles of the same thickness
  • This increased amount of foam results in heightened absorption and overall better results
  • Thanks to the shape of the bass traps there is increased absorption especially at the lower frequencies. This is thanks to the huge amount of acoustic foam contained in each bass trap
  • One pack covers an area of 6.96 m2 (75 ft2)
  • The acoustic tiles and bass traps are available in dark grey only
  • The tiles which are sized 381mm (15in) by 381mm (15in) have a peak thickness of 50mm which makes them effective for reducing reverberations and echoes in the room
  • The Bass Traps are 914mm (36in) tall and 305mm (12in) by 305mm (12in) wide
  • The foam has a density of 32kg/m3 and a hardness of 180 Newton
  • The NRC of the 2" Tegular Acoustic Tiles is 0.95
  • We specialize and are dedicated in selling only acoustic foam products. You will not find us selling other products such as upholstery foam or packaging foam, foams which are not suitable for acoustic applications.
  • All of our products meet the requirements of schedule 1, part 1 the Furniture and Furnishings (fire) (safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989). This Furniture and Furnishings is a more stringent test then the FMVSS302 which other companies advertise. The FMVSS302 is an automotive fire classification and products which only conform to this classification are not suitable for use in domestic or commercial applications
  • Our products are totally safe and suitable for use in both domestic and commercial applications
Most rooms will require 1-2 Acoustic Starter Kits, while larger rooms will require 3-4 or more.

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