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Introducing Sibelius for Mobile

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Sibelius for Mobile

You already know what a fantastic tool Sibelius is for creating music in a studio or classroom, but did you know that you can now make music anywhere with the new iPad app?

1. Break Out of the Classroom

How often do you find the best ideas come to you when you’re nowhere near your computer? Instead of scribbling down some notes or leaving yourself a voice message and hoping it all makes sense later, you can grab your iPad and put it into action straight away. With access to the same tools and features used by professional composers and production houses, you can do everything from playing with an idea to creating a full composition all on your mobile device.

Students fed up with lugging laptops into the classroom to show what they’ve been working on at home? Now they can carry their entire music portfolios on their iPads and have it with them wherever they go without straining their backs!

And don’t worry that because it’s on an iPad you won’t be able to hear what your music will sound like. Sibelius for mobile includes a high-quality sample library filled with various instruments so you can play it back whilst you’re composing on the move. It also includes Espressivo advanced notation interpretation to allow you to adjust rhythm and swing to create a more humanistic feel.

Simple and Seamless

Think composing on an iPad will be too fiddly? Think again. This new software is designed with Apple Pencil and iPad touch capabilities in mind to be intuitive and easy to work with. Coupled with an external keyboard or onscreen keypad you can still use all your favourite shortcuts and adjusting notes is easier than ever. The Create menu has also been optimised for iOS so you’ll have no trouble adding clefs, key signatures, time signatures, barlines, symbols, text styles, and more. And there’s a quick search function to find whatever Sibelius command you need.

Transferring your work from your desktop to your iPad and back again must be a pain though, right? Wrong. By saving your files to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other iOS-supported cloud service, transitioning between devices is seamless. No need for importing or exporting, just log in and you’ll have access to all your scores wherever you are!

Get Started Now

Sibelius First is completely free, so why not download it now? You can use it to write simple scores with up to 4 instrument parts and see for yourself just how useful the mobile version of the software is.

And as Sibelius is designed to grow with you it’s easy to move to a different version as your creative aspirations and needs grow. If you already have Sibelius desktop then you can upgrade for free to the standard mobile version which allows for up to 16 instrument parts - ideal for smaller ensembles. And if you outgrow that you can move to Sibelius Ultimate which offers the highest level of functionality for composing, arranging, and publishing scores of any size and complexity.

So why limit your staff and students to only being able to create music when they’re in the classroom. Download Sibelius for Mobile now and see for yourself how much of a difference it could make to your school. And if you need any advice on deploying or managing it in your organisation, get in touch with Counterpoint and one of our expert consultants will be able to guide you.


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