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Connecting a Mac
to a Windows Network

Mac OS or Apple iOS devices can struggle to work well with a Microsoft Windows-based network. Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) is the Windows technology at the heart of managing user permissions and access to networked services. However, AD was designed to work with Windows machines. This can make basic tasks, like file and printer sharing, problematic. Apple provides its own set of software tools to help Apple Mac and iOS users interface with a Windows network. The software is intended to make Apple devices visible and operational across Active Directory domains.

Adding a Mac to a Windows network

Despite Apple's AD software, getting a Mac to ‘play well’ with your Windows network can be a frustrating experience. The tools are not especially user friendly and offer basic functionality. As a result, an opportunity has arisen for third-party alternatives.
At Counterpoint, our extensive knowledge led to the creation of a proprietary solution: EnhancedAD.

Why robust AD integration is important

Depending on the industry, the reasons for getting Apple devices to work with a Windows network will differ. However, the result must be the same: flawless integration which minimises opportunities for performance or security issues.

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Education: supporting student learning while keeping data safe and accessible

Students need access to shared folders and files on Apple devices shared with other users.

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Business: meeting the demands of commercial creatives

For enterprise, the challenge may focus more on users needing robust remote access on handheld devices and laptops.

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Secure and reliable network integration

Counterpoint specialises in customised network management tools for Apple users. Our AD software solution eases the burden on your network team, automating routine admin and maintenance tasks. It also ensures a flawless and user-friendly experience every time the user logs in to the network.

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