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Audio production for the Mac creative

Counterpoint’s audio creation solutions are tailored to suit your needs, while remaining robust and affordable. We also provide the support and training you need to get started.

Recording studio installation

Counterpoint can design and deliver modern recording studio installations based around Mac or Windows PC hardware and software. Concepts include all-in-one set ups, as well as fixed and mobile recording studios. We also offer cloud-based recording to facilitate professional recording sessions anywhere in the world.

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Enhance your production setup with our specialist software

We have a lot of experience in setting up studios. As a result, we also understand the problems that can plague production – especially in a shared space.

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Using music applications across a network

Professional music applications are often a vital part of the studio workflow. However, using these tools over a network can be a technical challenge. Applications will typically need configuring for use by each user. If this is not done effectively, glitches, poor performance and system errors can occur.

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MIDI keyboard provision

Resourcing a music classroom, or any space requiring multiple instruments for simultaneous use, can be a challenge. Do you have a suite of serviceable MIDI keyboards? KeyboardMX (for Mac and PC) will allow them to function as silent MIDI controller keyboards. This means sourcing fewer keyboards specifically for your DAW.

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Audio networking

We can use your existing data cabling to deliver Audio-over-Ethernet (AoE) across your site. AoE sends live, low latency two-way audio across your existing Ethernet cables. It also eliminates audio degradation.

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Support and training

After installing a studio or recording equipment, we won't just walk away. Counterpoint will provide the knowledge and practical advice you need to use it.

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Want to find out more?

If you are interested in any of our services, such as Apple device management, or would like to chat about your current infrastructure set up, we would love to hear from you.