Audio Networks

Counterpoint is the UK’s leading supplier of audio networking technologies to schools and colleges in the UK. These cutting edge solutions provide high quality, zero latency, bi-directional audio, that allow teachers to communicate, monitor progress and assess students work more effectively. Counterpoint’s audio network solutions incorporate ClearSound noise suppression circuitry, protecting them from network and digital noise.

Computer Audio Networks

Where software based computer management packages allow teachers to view student’s screens, audio networks provide a high quality monitor of the audio applications they are using. These hardware based audio networks do not interfere with the performance of specialist audio and media applications.

Audio networks are ideal for Music, Media and MFL Language ICT Suites.

Classroom Keyboard Labs

Counterpoint’s audio networks make excellent music keyboard labs allowing teachers to monitor, control and focus students’ learning more effectively.

Teachers can listen to individual students, mute keyboards, and allow students to perform to the rest of the class all through their own headphones. To allow flexible and interactive working, teacher headphone sockets can also be provided at every student station.

Language Labs

These audio networks are also designed for the MFL classroom. There are inputs for computers or other specialist audio hardware allowing the teacher to monitor students activity and assess progress.

As with the keyboard lab configuration, teachers can listen to individual students, mute computers or audio devices, and allow students to demonstrate to the rest of the class through their own headphones. In MFL environments, both students and teachers use microphone headsets for two-way talkback.

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