With over 28 years experience in supporting the UK education sector we understand the unique challenges facing schools and colleges in the UK today.

Our Apple certified consultants work closely with IT and teaching staff to design robust, reliable and affordable solutions that draw upon curriculum needs and IT industry best practice.

We have particular expertise in delivering robust Mac / Windows network integration, cost effective Apple Device Management and specialist solutions for the education creative departments.

Apple Mac Solutions

Apple Macs are increasingly being adopted by businesses as the preferred platform for their organisation and their departments that require industry standard creative solutions. We specialise in the management and support of Apple Mac and iOS solutions and offer a unique blend of Windows, Mac and cloud networking experience. We…

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EnhancedAD has transformed the way in which Apple Macs work on Windows Active Directory (AD) networks. Being used in schools throughout the UK, this core solution provides robust AD integration, reliable file access, full user file mobility, integration with all core network services, centralised data storage and backup, and…

Find out more is a remote management and monitoring framework for Mac and iOS devices to allow educational institutions to leverage a fully-managed, enterprise-level support service without the high financial and manpower overheads. Lower maintenance costs Improved device performance Strengthened security Reduced in-house support overheads…

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Mobile Device Management

Counterpoint offers a number of Mobile Device Management solutions to our education customers. These allow institutions and teaching staff to manage mobile devices and content for their organisation in the most secure and cost effective manner. Our Apple Certified engineers can advise you on best practice to configure devices and…

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Network Integration

The growing popularity of MacOS and iOS devices within education means that IT teams face the challenge of integrating these with their existing IT services. Counterpoint has proven solutions to integrate with a range of networking environments, each designed to simplify management, improve performance and increase the usability of Mac…

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Audio Networks

Counterpoint is the UK’s leading supplier of audio networking technologies to schools and colleges in the UK. These cutting edge solutions provide high quality, zero latency, bi-directional audio, that allow teachers to communicate, monitor progress and assess students work more effectively. Counterpoint’s audio network solutions incorporate ClearSound noise suppression circuitry,…

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Recording Studios

Counterpoint MTC is the market leader in delivering high-quality school recording studios across the UK. Recording Studios come in all shapes and sizes and to suit a wide range of education budgets. Whatever your requirements, Counterpoint’s consultants will bring their many years of professional recording industry experience to bear on…

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iPad Band

With the growing popularity of iPad’s in schools, music departments have been exploring the possibilities of using these resources to support delivering the curriculum. iPad Bands have become increasingly popular in schools allowing the creation of groups that combine microphones and acoustic instruments with iPad based musical instruments. This development…

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Transform your iPad into an all-in-one mobile production suite…

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PC Music Suites

Counterpoint’s creative solutions team has over 20 years experience in delivering robust and reliable PC Music solutions to education.

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EnhancedAD Integration

EnhancedAD software offers the only fit for purpose Windows Active Directory integration solution for Apple Mac's in business.

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