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Steinberg Cubase Elements 10 - Single User (EDUCATION)

Steinberg Cubase Elements 10 - Single User (EDUCATION)

  • SKU: W-COS605A
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Steinberg Cubase Elements 10 - Single User (EDUCATION)

* Existing stock - automatic upgrade to v10.5 on installation *

Cubase Elements is your personal music studio, incorporating professional workflows as used by countless professional artists around the globe. Using the same technology platform as its larger siblings in the Cubase family, Cubase Elements offers tools for intuitive songwriting, instruments to develop your musical ideas and studio-grade effects.

Revised Channel Strip
One of the most prominent new features is the redesigned Channel Strip. The channel strip is the most important element when it comes to mixing and editing audio. The new and improved design is more ergonomic, providing a quicker workflow. It also extends the Channel Strip's functionality, providing new metering elements and direct visual feedback of each module.
For instance, you can view the VU meter for certain plugins, as well as the frequency range of an EQ module. This can greatly aid in mixing, allowing you to see your changes and module settings at a glance. It also includes controls from the module on the channel strip, allowing you to make quick and easy changes without having to pull up the full plugin/module.

Latency Monitor
A handy tool for latency compensation. Latency Monitor allows you to monitor and fix latency issues with ease. Between monitoring and recording, latency can be a make or break issue, especially for home users. The Latency Monitor section gives you full control over your latencies, even providing the means to adjust individual latencies of each plugin for optimal flexibility.

5GB of Brand-New Sound Content
Cubase Elements 10 comes complete with 5GB of fresh sound content comprised of one-shots, loops, samples and more. The new sound content is split into six different groups: Analog Techno, Soul Assembly, Raw Ambience, Mystic Spaces, BlockBuster and Hip Hop Vault. These sounds and loops have been hand-picked by some of the most popular producers within their genre. The sound content is created by Florian Meindl, Soul Surplus, RawTekk, Ferdinand Forsch, Allen Morgan and hip-hop producer Beat Butcha.
The genre-spanning sounds and loops have been meticulously crafted, providing a diverse range of sounds. The content spans Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop, Techno, Soul, Ambient and even sound for audio/visual work.

  • The reference standard for music production software

  • Produce music, record, edit, arrange and mix songs from start to finish

  • Redesigned Channel Strip offers better metering and functionality

  • 32-bit integer and 64-bit audio continues the Cubase audio engine's commitment to ultimate, no-compromise quality

  • Groove Agent SE 5 brings a new user interface and many improvements to the best drum production tool

  • 5GB of high-quality sound and loops from six highly acclaimed producers

  • Latency Monitor lets you quickly allows you to quickly and easily know exactly where and how much latency is occurring

  • Effects in the media rack: Radical improvement of plugins workflow, with drag and drop functionality and improved display

  • Cubase 10 is packed with a wide range of usability, performance and quality improvements

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