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LapCabby Boost+ Charge & Sync

LapCabby Boost+ Charge & Sync

  • SKU: W-COU044A
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LapCabby Boost+ Charge & Sync, 16 USB Powered Devices

Charge & Sync on the Go Range Boost+
Boost+ are our portable charging and synchronisation units. Using Cambrionix technology Boost+ Charge & Sync can connect up to 16 mobile devices without having to pack them away, making it great for quick power pick-me-ups.

You can even plug in lots of different devices at once - intelligent charging will ensure every device gets just the right amount of power it needs.

Any device with a USB charging cable is compatible.
Wherever you are, just plug it into the mains and you're ready to go. It's also an ideal solution to keeping your tablets synchronised and up to date if you already have one of our charging trolleys.

  • Comprehensive safety testing - to the highest worldwide standards
  • Charges up to 16 USB-powered devices
  • Utilises Cambrionix U16S technology to simultaneously synchronise all devices while connected (Boost+ Charge & Sync only)
  • Fully assembled for simple and rapid setup
  • Efficient air circulation
  • Automatically cuts-off when device fully charged
  • Small footprint
  • Sleek design
  • Competitively priced with Lifetime Warranty

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