Network Integration

With the growing adoption of MacOS and iOS devices as part of the IT portfolio of many businesses, IT teams are faced with the challenge of securely and reliably integrating these with their existing IT services.

Our solutions support a wide variety of network environments and are designed to streamline management, improve performance and integration, and simplify workflows for Mac users on the network

Active Directory Integration

Active Directory Integration allows Macs to be integrated with your existing Windows network’s services, such as login details, print services and internet access.

Many Counterpoint customers use EnhancedAD software to improve the performance of their integration with Windows.

Open Directory Management

Macs can be managed independently of a Windows server using Apple’s Open Directory tools which are included with the Mac Server software.

Open Directory can be ideal for Mac only environments or where businesses prefer to manage their Apple devices separately from their Windows network.

Cloud-Managed Solutions

Counterpoint’s cloud-managed solutions provide powerful and scalable management of your on and off premise Apple devices. Devices can be configured to offer secure, ad hoc AD and OD integration when on premise.

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