is our cloud-hosted management and monitoring solution for Mac and iOS devices. This powerful platform allows businesses to leverage a fully managed, enterprise-level support service without the high man power and maintenance costs that would normally be associated with providing this level of support.

  • Reduces Support Costs

  • Improves Device Performance

  • Tightens Security

  • Lowers In-house Support Overhead

Manage Policies and Profiles enforces your policies and profiles across both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring users have access to network services and that devices are compliant with business policies.

Modular Deployment & Updates

Onboarding existing and new devices to your company’s latest configuration is completely streamlined with, since your entire configuration, licences and updates are applied via the solution.

OS patches, security and application updates are all tested and can be applied remotely. If machines are switched off updates are applied when they next come online or can be flagged for user self install.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is also an Apple MDM compliant solution allowing your business to take advantage of Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) for rapid onboarding of new devices and Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) for centralised purchasing, installation and management of Apple App store software.

Real Time Monitoring and Remediation

The monitoring and issue remediation tools within provide powerful tools for ensuring your desktop and mobile devices are compliant with your IT and data security policies. In addition to key utility updates such as Flash and Antivirus software can monitor the backups for Mac devices to ensure they are current.

Asset Management’s software and hardware auditing tools not only allow IT teams to ensure their devices are running licensed software but also to review hardware specifications for budgeting and planning purposes.

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