EnhancedAD Integration

EnhancedAD transforms the way in which Macs work on Windows Active Directory (AD) and Mac Open Directory (OD) networks, removing may of the performance, permissions and reliability issues that impact so many of these solutions.

Network Homes

With EnhancedAD users have fully managed Network Home folders as their default saving location. Storing work in the right place is simple and users have reliable access to all their work from any Mac on the network.

Virtual Scratch Disks

Many professional media applications will not allow project files to reside in a network location. EnhancedAD’s Virtual Scratch Disk technology removes this restriction by allowing media projects to be stored in a user’s Network Home folder.

Reliable Backups

With users files saved by default to a network home folder rather than saved locally, they can be kept secure and backed up reliably. Robust Backup protocols such as the often recommended 3-2-1 strategy can now be deployed.

3-2-1 Backup Strategy

3 – copies of your data
2 – which are local
1 – copy offsite

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